Whats Shaping International Relocations in Renewable Energies?

The renewable energy sector is going from strength to strength. Both companies and individuals are proactively seeking sustainable energy sources. This growing demand is a reaction to increased environmental responsibility and an impact of Russias invasion of Ukraine.


Renewable energy is reducing the global dependence on fossil fuels and proving a more cost-effective option. 2022 was a record-breaking year for renewable energy with around 40% of the UK’s energy generated by renewables. This is despite the increased costs of wind and solar installations. The total contribution to the UK economy of low-carbon companies was put at £70bn by the Confederation of British Industry, with 840,000 jobs supported by the net-zero economy.

Forecast growth regions

The global renewable energy market size was estimated at USD 1030.95 billion in 2022. Steady growth is anticipated through to 2030 when market size is predicted to be USD 1,998.03 billion.

Asia Pacific region will lead the global renewable energy market over the next ten years. Precedence Research reports that: “It is estimated that over half of the renewable energy across the globe is consumed in Asia Pacific region. The renewable energy market is witnessing a rapid growth in the emerging economies like India and China owing to the strong growth in the economy owing to rising industrialisation. The government initiatives are playing a crucial role in the adoption of the renewable energy across various end user applications.”

In addition, Europe is recognised as a key business opportunity. The International Energy Agency states: “… governments are trying to shelter consumers from higher energy prices, reduce dependence on Russian supplies and are proposing policies to accelerate the transition to clean energy technologies.”

What does this mean for international relocations?

The growth of the renewable energies sector impacts international relocation in three ways:

1. Supply chain partners – BTR is keen to ensure its own locations across the world utilise clean energy where possible. In our efforts to operate as sustainably as possible, we work with trusted partners across the globe who are also environmentally aware. As well as helping protect the planet, there are business benefits to be gained.

2. Nature of relocation requests – in order to manage and implement renewable energy projects, international relocation requests are emerging for European and Asia Pacific locations. The duration and requirements involved vary, requiring an agile and flexible service to be offered. From pre-assignment preparation (such as visa/immigration co-ordination and cultural and language training) to seamless move management, assignees are assured of a relocation with minimal stress. Once they arrive in their host location, it’s important that they can be productive in their renewable energy role as soon as possible. A range of destination services is available to help create bespoke packages for assignees.

3. Project-based relocations – governments across the world are selling a growing number of sites for renewable energy development. The remote nature of many suitable locations requires early engagement of relocation services to source suitable accommodation during the design and construction phases.

Is your company involved in the renewable energies sector?

Do you manage international relocation requests for employees working to deliver clean energy solutions?

Talk to the experts at BTR without obligation – or jargon. We’ll suggest the best options for your organisation to help maximise the exciting opportunities in the renewable energies sector.

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