On-assignment services

How we help

Cost management

Once utilities, home expenditures, commutes and other staples have been established, we can help forecast your future outlay as a company, so you can factor it into your fiscal planning as well as financial reporting of the assignment.

Visa and immigration management

Some countries require regular check-ins, passport stamps and visa renewals. We help to keep on top of those milestones, to avoid any confusion or compliance breaches.

Tenancy management

Our continuous support at the other end of the phone is designed to tackle the unexpected and to anticipate any potential issues. Any concerns around the tenancy agreement or assignee’s new location can be dealt with quickly and sensitively.

Home storage

Assignees are often concerned about what they’ve left behind. Ongoing storage of possessions is managed between us and the family, with regular updates provided to bring them peace of mind.

Lifecycle management

We’re with you from start to finish. Through the Equus platform, every stage of the assignment, and the value of the programme itself, is visible to you and the individual. This also includes preparing for repatriation, making the journey home as relaxed and well-planned as the journey there.

Moving around the world can be a traumatic experience, even when the move goes well. The best part of the move process is knowing that BTR are going to move you. With them, you know all your worldly possessions are going to be handled with respect, care, and professionalism. BTR is the gold standard when it comes to shipping of our personal effects from assignment to assignment.

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