Post-assignment services

How we help

Departure support

Reversing the home and school search, we aid the check-out stage of tenancy agreements and school placements, including managing any cleaning requirements, property damages and deposit receipts. 

Return travel

Also, part of our departure programme is the return travel process. We ensure all travel paperwork and documentation is in place for the safe, stress-free return of the individual, their family, their pets, and their possessions.

End-of-tenancy admin

Storing all information through our Equus platform makes end of tenancy negotiations easy to manage. This includes cancelation of utilities, the receipt of deposits and the cancelation of the lease itself. 

Notice period management

Repatriation services don’t begin on the day of the return flight. Managing the countdown to all exits, contract cancelations and the move home itself, requires constant communication and clear guidance.

Another smooth transition

Your business didn’t skip a beat when the assignee relocated, and it shouldn’t during their reintegration either. We help to navigate any reverse culture shocks, while identifying the perfect timing and manner of their return to your offices.

Your value

While your assignee’s feedback will go a long way to determining the success of the programme, our reports and analysis will help you identify areas of improvement for the future, while also benchmarking locations as suitable areas to explore again.

BTR are exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and responsive. From the time of our first contact to receipt of household goods here in USA, BTR took the time to listen to us, understand our needs and provide prompt solutions. They kept in touch and followed up even after the goods had arrived in the US.

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