Pre-assignment services

How we help

Policy development

Establishing your exact needs and developing a framework that takes into account budget, timing, reporting, process steps, and the overall assignment.

Needs assessments

Getting to know your assignee on a personal level, including spouses and family members to identify their work and education preferences as well.

Preview trips

There’s nothing like first-hand experience. We can arrange a pre-assignment visit (physical or virtual) so your assignee can begin to visualise their new home, helping them make more informed decisions around location.

Cost-of-living planning

Your assignee and their family need to feel in control of their finances throughout the relocation. Clear insight into costs of living and compensation keeps you and them one step ahead.

Cost projections

Calculating the total cost of the relocation means understanding the impact of bonuses, tax, expenses, utilities, school fees and much more. All contribute to the programme’s value, and your ROI.

Assignment letter preparation

We draft a letter for each assignee, stating the terms of their relocation – details, timings, services and support. Clarity, security and assurances on both sides makes sure everyone is moving forward as one team.

Cultural and language training

Your assignee and their family should feel as comfortable as possible in their new surroundings. Cultural training helps make the integration process as smooth as possible.

Cost-of-living allowances

Our allowance reports present a home and host comparison of cost-of-living expectations. From this report, you can ensure a fair and favourable allowance to each assignee.

Visa and immigration support

Complete peace of mind is achieved by knowing all assignees and their families are completely compliant with local immigration and labour laws. Our specialists help prepare all required documents, working closely with local authorities.

Stay connected with Equus

Documents relating to expense management, tax, immigration, budgeting and all other critical planning information are stored in the Equus platform – your seamless and secure source of data for all steps to come.

Moving around the world can be a traumatic experience, even when the move goes well. The best part of the move process is knowing that BTR are going to move you. With them, you know all your worldly possessions are going to be handled with respect, care, and professionalism. BTR is the gold standard when it comes to shipping of our personal effects from assignment to assignment.

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