How we help

GP registration

In terms of knowing where things are, healthcare facilities are a priority. We assist with GP registration as a matter of urgency as part of our, and your, safety obligations.

Utilities set-up

Phones, internet, gas, electricity, water… they can be difficult fields to navigate in a new country. We streamline everything through our easy-to-use Equus portal to make utilities management simple and agile to any changes.

On the road

Some assignees might need a local driving licence. Others might simply benefit from defensive driving training in a new location. We also support with car hires or purchases, to give families the freedom to explore and adapt to their new surroundings.

Local registration

Local authorities might need further documentation or registration from your assignee. Again, we can help to guide, instruct and then collate all paperwork to keep everyone compliant.

Finance assistance

We help to set up bank accounts for assignees, another vital box to be ticked as assignees build their new lives.

Tenancy management

Security deposits, rental payments and utilities are just three of the initial outgoings you’ll need to make on behalf of the assignee. We bring together all required details and payment plans within your Equus account.

The finishing touches

Making a house a home – it takes more than the arrival of a person’s clothes or pets. Once the individual is settled in accommodation, we can help with the finances and logistics around furnishing and furniture rentals.

BTR’s biggest asset is their team. They are very helpful at every step. They did their best to find a solution to fit my needs vs trying to do things the other way around which has been my experience with other relocation companies in the past. They took time to come back but always managed to turn things around to my favour.

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