Departure services

How we help

Travel arrangements

We assist with the booking of all modes of transport to ensure the most efficient and comfortable journey, while also securing all necessary travel documents.

Document assistance

Visa and immigration paperwork, power of attorney, travel documents, contracts, healthcare, pensions and much more are all present and correct, allowing your assignee to sit back and relax.

Logistics from end-to-end

Packing is provided by experienced crews who ensure your valued belongings are handled with care, using appropriate materials. They’re then delivered when the family is ready for them and unpacked with the same due attention.

Temporary accommodation

There may be a gap between location arrival and moving into their new home, or it may only be a short-term assignment, and we help to find comfortable temporary accommodation in line with the family’s needs.

Support services

Being a tight-knit team allows much closer communication with the assignee, helping them to overcome any challenges, logistical issues or culture shocks that might come with a big relocation.

Pet relocation

When we say family, we of course include pets. Transport, permits, quarantines and reunions are all organised long ahead of departure.

Additional support

From expense management to tax support and planning, fuel cards, car sourcing, health insurance, SIM cards and everything in between, we have a service to offer and will have a plan in place before it’s time to take off.

BTR are exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and responsive. From the time of our first contact to receipt of household goods here in USA, BTR took the time to listen to us, understand our needs and provide prompt solutions. They kept in touch and followed up even after the goods had arrived in the US.

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