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Move Management

Every detail of each corporate relocation is carefully managed from start to finish. BTR offers a truly door-to-door, fully international moving service. This is available throughout the world using our own team members plus our network of proven partners, via our UK base near London.

Working across the globe, we manage moves seamlessly to and from any international location. 


Global Mobility Programme

As overseas relocation specialists, we know how to integrate your assignees’ move management needs into an all - inclusive relocation programme. 

Insurance Programme

The BTR team ensures that each move is as risk-free as possible. However it is wise to invest in a removals insurance policy for your goods. This means that you have peace of mind that, should any damage or loss occur, you’ll receive compensation.

Lump Sum Solution

A lump sum package exists to cover the wide range of expenses associated with an international move during a relocation. These can involve temporary living arrangements, property sale costs and moving costs, for example. BTR is able to fund lump sum solutions – please ask us for details.

Our specialists have expert knowledge of relocation accounting and costs. Lump sum administration as available as required with four key options involved:

  1. Fixed Lump Sum – offering the same payment to all international assignees.
  2. Variable Lump Sum – whereby various criteria influence the sum involved. These could be size of family, relocation distance, salary level and position within the organisation, for example.
  3. Alternative Lump Sum – this arrangement is effectively a hybrid option combining fixed and variable lump sums. A fixed sum is paid for some relocation expenses with others reimbursed once approved.
  4. Managed Lump Sum – a capped lump sum with provision limits offering flexibility and external support from your global workforce mobility partner for optimum cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Specialist Services

A ‘white glove’ service is one that gives you extra care and attention during your relocation. Think of it as specialist VIP treatment throughout your move. It’s especially popular when moving fine arts or antiques.

Inventory Management

A detailed inventory takes every aspect of the physical move into account, with packing, storage, move and delivery requirements considered.

Group Move Management

Business strategy can introduce group requirements whereby several people need to move to from a location. This could be influenced by staff rotations, business expansion, site closure or project launches, for example. By helping you to plan group moves, the BTR team ensures that you have the information, costs and timescales need to mitigate risk and optimise success via informed relocation decisions.

International Freight Forwarding

A range of global freight options exist involving road, air and sea . We’ll assess your priorities and requirements, then propose the most efficient method of freight forwarding for you.

Storage Services

If storage is required for household goods and personal effects due to international relocation, a range of global secure storage options are available. 

Commercial Moving

BTR’s move services are available to help with commercial moves. You’ll work with the same team of experts and enjoy the same outstanding attention to detail as our talent mobility services.

Pet Moving Services

Your pet is an important member of your family. Different countries have their own requirements; however you should find that your pets could relocate with you. Every detail to taken care of to ensure that your animals are looked after properly during transit and reunited with you safely.

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