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Destination Services

Arriving in a new destination is when the adventure begins! Whilst this is exciting it can also be a little daunting for assignees and their families. Our experts at BTR offer a range of destination services to help your global relocation assignees to settle into their new host countries as soon as possible. These employee relocation services positively influence the speed at which individuals become productive in their new roles. It can also directly impact the long-term success of the assignment and your global relocation programme. Destination services are available worldwide.


Home Search Assistance

The BTR team offers support with locating the right area and amenities for each assignee. Our service can incorporate sourcing properties, accompanied viewings and lease negotiation. BTR can ensure the rental deposit and first month’s rent is paid to secure the property, which is extremely helpful in fast-moving rental markets.

Additionally, BTR supports your employees in finding a suitable rental accommodation. The BTR team is able to offer advice regarding locations and connect you with rental agents who work in those areas. Our expertise will help you achieve the best rental property and cost for you and your family. This support is available for temporary, short-term and long-term rental accommodation.

School Search Assistance

Finding an appropriate school for their children is one of the biggest concerns facing relocating assignees. Our bespoke school search support finds the right educational opportunities, saving time and worry for all involved.

Temporary Living

Finding the best accommodation for assignees and their families may involve providing an initial temporary option. This allows everyone involved to get to know their host location before deciding upon where a longer term home would be the best fit. Plus, it enables assignees’ household goods to arrive and clear customs in the host location.

Spouse Career Counselling

It’s important that assignees’ spouses understand their working and career options in their new country. Some people choose to volunteer or attend courses rather than work. Our team investigates all the relevant options as permit and visa allowances dictate. (It’s important to note that not all countries allow assignees’ spouses to work.)

Tenancy Management

BTR saves you time and stress by managing assignees’ tenancies within their host locations. This involves property payments and maintenance, landlord liaison and managing the tenancy agreement, plus deposit return and negotiation.

Property Management

This service involves managing assignees’ properties whilst they are working abroad. This involves looking after all aspects of letting the property, from screening tenants to collecting rent and arranging maintenance work as needed.

Settling-In Services

The quicker assignees settle into their new locations, the happier they feel and the more productive they become. A range of support is available to help global assignees and their families feel at home in their new country. We recommend services based upon each person’s circumstances, such as area tours, opening bank account and sourcing social activities.

Area Orientation

A preview trip for the assignee and their family can be an important part of a successful assignment. The ability to see the new location can be reassuring that this assignment is right for everyone. BTR will provide the assignee, and family, with support such as; an accompanied area tour, sample of available housing and cultural information on their new location.

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