The Relocation Incentive for Teachers

Most sectors work hard to attract quality people to their industry. Education is no exception.


Many UK-based teachers and lecturers have been tempted to work overseas, lured by:

  • Salaries – while salaries vary between countries and organisations, most overseas opportunities offer the potential to save money. The potential for tax-free salaries exists in some areas, such as the Middle East.
  • Work-Life Balance – many countries offer fewer hours and less responsibility than UK-based teaching roles.
  • Career Advancement – overseas schools and colleges often have more and/or quicker opportunities for career progression. Overseas teaching also adds versatility to teachers’ CVs.
  • Personal Experience – an international placement is an opportunity to experience a different culture and learn a new language.  

With so much in favour of teaching abroad, how can teachers and lecturers be enticed to the UK? Two aspects are important: employment package and relocation support.

  1. Employment Package

Similar to overseas teaching opportunities, salaries and advancement potential vary between UK schools. However, the UK is home to some of the world’s most prestigious schools. Many overseas-trained teachers relocate to the UK to further their education and improve their career prospects.

In addition to teachers’ employment contracts, they may also qualify for a one-off payment if they move to the UK for a teaching role. This is offered by a new scheme being piloted by the UK government. Initially, it is available to trainees and teachers of physics and languages.

The International Relocation Payment (IRP) is a single payment of £10,000. The IRP offers financial support to teachers and trainees worldwide who want to train and work in English schools. It does not need to be repaid. The IRP is designed to help with:

  • Visa expenses
  • Health surcharges while immigration
  • All other relocation expenses

2. Relocation Support

Teachers and lecturers moving to the UK from a different country need to work through five major issues:

  1. How much are the living costs?
  2. Will there be any language difficulties?
  3. What’s the timescale for having a driving licence or a bank account?
  4. What type of housing is available?
  5. What type of healthcare is available?

An international relocation support provider must offer a wide scope of relocation services to ensure teachers arriving in the UK can address these issues. Access to a wide range of tailored support helps them settle into their new role and country as quickly as possible.

Assistance should be available to help individual teachers and their families understand aspects involved with moving the UK. Bespoke support should cover cost of living indications, cultural understanding (including language and visa requirements) and the practicalities of day-to-day living (such as home, school and transport).

BTR International has the contacts and experience needed to make moving to a new location as stress-free as possible. Our outstanding customer care and attention to detail are involved with every aspect of relocating to a UK-based teaching role, from getting ready to go to move management and settling in. Importantly, our relocation management programmes offer relevant, bespoke support looking after the whole family’s well-being.

Are you relocating to a teaching role in the UK?

Is your UK-based school/college recruiting teachers from overseas?

Talk to the friendly experts at BTR about tailored support during international relocations. Arrange an initial discussion without obligation. 

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