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During these unprecedented times, the relocation industry is facing new challenges. At BTR International, we are exploring new ways of working that enable us to continue providing you with a proactive, realistic and sensitive service.


Many organisations now have requirements for short notice removals and/or relocation support. Our team is here to help. Our established global network of partners and expert move specialists are flexible, fast-moving and understanding. Let us know what you need and we’ll pool our resources and expertise to help you as quickly as possible.

Please be reassured that we aim to continue to offer full services to our customers. These are delivered in line with the UK Government and WHO guidelines, and on the basis that the movement of freight remains unaffected.

If you have changing needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or have moves already planned for 2020, let’s talk. Examples of how we can help are:

  • Virtual viewings. There is an increased demand for short-term and long-term accommodation for assignees. As there are many travel restrictions in place, our team can find and view properties on your behalf. We’ll video the property so that you can view it remotely.


  • Temporary Accommodation. Some assignees are unable to return home as planned. Others have specialist skills that are required in new locations. Our team can help with property search and a range of destination services.


  • Current advice. The situation is changing fast. It’s important to keep up to date regarding travel and health advice. The BTR International team has an existing network of contacts across the world and stays fully informed of restrictions and guidelines. Does your organisation operate globally? Do you have questions about specific locations? Reach out to us and we’ll share our knowledge with you.

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