Understanding Todays Global Mobility Challenges

Over the past few weeks, BTR’s Client Experience team has been speaking with in-house corporate global mobility professionals to understand the current challenges in global mobility.

Our current research investigates how the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit impacted candidates’ willingness and ability to relocate in or out of the UK.

The major challenge for global mobility

Detailed discussions conducted as part of our research have been interesting and thought-provoking. A key challenge has been identified: talent acquisition. The crux of the issue is finding the best candidate who is also willing to embrace a relocation opportunity.

Results show that good talent is difficult to find and attract. Therefore, creating an attractive and competitive relocation package to lure the best employees is vital.

A record number of employees are leaving their current employers for new opportunities. Government statistics show that job-to-job moves fuelled by resignation (rather than dismissal) in the UK during 2022 rose to a record high. This creates a heightened challenge of attracting and retaining the best candidates … and persuading them to relocate. This is especially difficult in a post-Covid environment where candidates may be reluctant to move.

What challenges are you seeing in the post-Covid and Brexit working environment?  If you’d like to participate (confidentially) in our research, please contact Derek Petrie derek@btrinternational.com

We look forward to discussing your experience of today’s global mobility market.

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