About us

Mission & Vision

Our standards, values and work ethic are very important to everyone in our organisation. They influence how we work with our clients, assignees and partners, globally.

Above all BTR provides outstanding relocation support to our customers, which is pivotal to the success of their employees’ assignment. Our Customer Satisfaction rate is over 96%.


We excel in delivering a seamless and stress-free service, with attention to detail from the onset of the assignment, to the settling in of the assignee (and their family), and the door-to-door delivery of their household goods/personal effects, or both.

We are unique because we make every effort to understand your needs better than anyone else, and take a holistic approach to every assignee we work with; we listen to what they want, pay attention to their needs and tailor our support accordingly.


Delivering Excellence in Product Design, Product Quality, Risk Management, New Technology Applications and Service Processes to enhance and enrich the customer experience.


Innovate & Grow



We deliver the promises we make to our customers, shareholders, and employees.


We own every detail of every task - so that our services consistently meet the expectations of our customers, shareholders, and employees.


A desire to 'make a difference' is in the heart, mind, and soul of every BTR employee.


We gain the trust of our customers, shareholders, and employees as there is complete alignment in what we think, what we say, and how we act.


We actively engage with each other to deliver on our vision and mission.