How we help

At your service, from start to finish

Our proven track-record of organising successful relocations around the world comes from a complete service offering across six critical steps.

Six steps to success

The BTR journey

By having all solutions, services, partners and capabilities at our disposal, we can build a completely bespoke roadmap for each individual and their family.

Guiding you across each stage with precision and care, our responsive team doesn’t just setup your relocation experience and let it unfold. We stay agile to changing business needs, to evolving individual requirements, and to the global business and mobility landscape.  

Being the most proactive, but also the most flexible, relocation service provider, brings peace of mind to you and your assignee, from start to finish. 

Your journey

Pre-assignment: Planning for success

The relocation process begins long before departure. Expert policy and process planning makes sure your programme gets off to the best possible start.


• Policy development

• Needs assessments

• Preview trips

• Cost-of-living planning

• Your cost projections

• Assignment letter preparation

• Cultural and language training

• Cost-of-living allowances

• Visa and immigration support

• An introduction to Equus

Departure: Taking off with peace of mind

Nothing is left out or left behind when it comes to the relocation itself, guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free departure.


• Travel arrangements

• Document assistance

• Logistics from end-to-end

• Temporary accommodation

• Support services

• Pet relocation

• Additional support

Destination: Building their new home

Your employees aren’t just relocating to work. We make sure they are set up to live.


• Orientation

• Home search

• School search

• Language training

• Cultural training

• Insurance

Settling-in: A seamless transition

Utilities, schools, driving, local registrations – your assignee’s new surroundings will feel familiar in no time.


• GP registration

• Utilities set-up

• On the road

• Local registration

• Finance assistance

• Tenancy management

• The finishing touches

On-assignment: Business as usual

A smooth relocation doesn’t end at the arrivals gate. All living requirements are anticipated and dealt with so the individual can focus on generating business value while enjoying their new life experience.


• Cost management

• Visa and immigration management

• Tenancy management

• Home storage

• Lifecycle management

Post-assignment: The final leg of your journey

All good things must come to an end. The repatriation and reintegration process must be as smooth and seamless as the trip out.


• Departure support

• Return travel

• End-of-tenancy admin

• Notice period management

• Another smooth transition

• Your value

Peace of mind

For individuals

Moving privately

Not every relocation is driven by the business, and every day we help individuals relocate to their new locations around the world, using the same customisable set of services. Whether it’s for personal reasons, or if your employer has provided you with a lump sum to arrange your own relocation, our close-knit team can guide you across those same six stages.