About us


Our Corporate Social Responsibility company policy reflects our responsibility towards our environment and outlines our efforts to give back to the world as it gives to us. We base our policy on the POLARIS FBN framework. 



  • Employees: Create and nurture Workplaces and Working Cultures where employees flourish
  • Communities: Responsible Global Citizens making Contributions to Communities we live and work in
  • Environment: Constantly search ways in which we reduce ecological impact and safeguard the environment
  • Family Future Generations: Share values and long-term aspirations with future generations


  • Safety and security of our direct and subcontractor workforce with zero-person day lost due to workplace incidents/accidents

  • No more than 15% voluntary turnover

  • Achieve 75% of employees participating in employee engagement surveys

  • Responding to feedback received in employee engagement surveys

  • Cascade performance management systems across the organizations

  • 100% adherence to Code of Business Ethics


  • Recycle 90% of all available waste (packing material, paper, biodegradables)

  • Energy efficient facilities (office space and warehousing) in terms of Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning and Lighting (including potential renewable sources of energy)

  • Reduction of energy use per cubic meter to a specified Mega Joule per Cubic Meter for goods transported on our fleet by road (ahead of emission norms of all the countries in which we operate)


  • When it comes to partner selection, there’s no discrimination based on gender diversity and underrepresented populations

  • Service Level Agreements around Workforce and Environment

  • Code of Business Ethics as a part of Partner Contracts