Introducing Jack – Our Rates Analyst

BTR International introduces Jack Brewin in his role as Rates Analyst.



Jack joined BTR in May 2021, bringing extra enthusiasm and energy to the team. His job is varied … and very busy!

“My role is very numbers orientated however the most important and enjoyable aspect is working with colleagues and partners to secure the best rates for clients,” says Jack. “I work closely with the team lead to create competitive prices for both agent and corporate business and enjoy the relationship building and negotiating involved. Every contract is unique, adding interest and variety to my role.

“Turning quotes into secured business from new partners is a highlight for me as so much thought and energy is involved in the process to ensure each proposal is bespoke and best value. It’s great to see it come to life. I also enjoy the global nature of my work, meeting and connecting with people across the world.

“Since joining BTR, I’ve felt part of a strong team. We work hard and support each other. Everyone’s opinion is valued and we all contribute to providing quality corporate relocations and partner work. There is so much experience and knowledge within the team and I’m learning all the time. Every day is different … and enjoyable.”

Lee Brewin, BTR’s CEO says: “Jack provides a great blend of understanding both the financial and relationship aspects of BTR’s work. This insight is important in securing business, retaining clients and offering best value to our agents, partners and corporate contacts. Jack adds value to service offering and our team.”