BTR is Top Workforce Management Services Provider for 2023

The BTR team is delighted to announce that our bespoke global relocation management services have been acknowledged on a world stage. HR Tech Outlook has recognised BTR International as a leading company of global Workforce Management services providers for 2023.



HR Tech Outlook works with the Human Resources industry. It’s the go-to resource for senior-level HR leaders and decision-makers to learn and share their experiences with products/services, technologies and HR technology trends. Our shared focus is finding solutions that work for the people and organisations alike. In BTR’s case, this involves creating bespoke workforce mobility solutions tailored to the needs of assignees and their families as well as meeting the requirements of our corporate clients.

“Our passion and enthusiasm are centred on helping our clients’ employees and families to quickly adapt and settle into their new assignments,” Lee Brewin, CEO of BTR International, told HR Tech Outlook. “Our service commitment demonstrates our team’s ability and dedication to delivering international workforce mobility services.”

Lee added: “With over 35 years of experience in workforce mobility, we pride ourselves in assisting corporate clients and assignees with care, efficiency, and professionalism. Our passion and enthusiasm for delivering global relocation and move management services have helped us consistently maintain a high level of customer service.”

Currently, BTR International is working with clients to develop a co-source solution. This involves accessing resources to deal with existing and future assignment demands, enabling efficient handling of rising assignment numbers. It also ensures:

  • seamless integration into existing teams,
  • cost savings time and expertise as only paid for when needed, and
  • a single point of collaboration for clients.

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