Introducing Nikita our Audit & Compliance Manager

BTR International introduces Nikita Mundada in her role as Audit & Compliance Manager.



Nikita joined BTR in August 2023 and quickly immersed herself in the compliance issues involved with our international relocation business.

‘My role involves understanding regulatory requirements, industry standards and internal policies. I ensure BTR’s operations comply with the relevant criteria. It’s very varied and interesting!’ says Nikita. ‘I also oversee the development and implementation of comprehensive audit programs. These assess the effectiveness of our internal controls and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, I work closely with cross-functional teams to establish and maintain a culture of compliance throughout the organisation.’

Nikita’s goals are to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and uphold the highest standards of integrity. She adds: ‘I believe a robust audit and compliance framework is both a regulatory necessity and a strategic asset. It’s a key factor in achieving organisational success and sustainability.

‘What I enjoy most about my role in Audit and Compliance is the dynamic nature of the work. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to delve into different aspects of the organisation, from financial processes to operational procedures. I find great satisfaction in conducting thorough audits and assessments, identifying areas for improvement, and collaborating with teams across the company to implement effective solutions.

‘Being at the forefront of maintaining compliance with external regulations and our internal policies gives me a sense of responsibility and purpose,’ explains Nikita ‘The ever-evolving nature of Audit and Compliance keeps me engaged, and the knowledge that our work contributes to the organisation’s ethical and efficient functioning is truly fulfilling.

‘BTR prioritises ethical practices and compliance, which aligns seamlessly with my professional values as an Audit and Compliance Manager. The company’s supportive and collaborative culture stands out. Our work environment encourages individuals to contribute their ideas, and teamwork is truly valued. Overall, the combination of a values-driven approach, a collaborative culture, and a focus on individual and collective growth makes working with BTR a truly enriching and rewarding experience.’

Lee Brewin, BTR’s CEO says: ‘Nikita’s audit and compliance experience is a valuable asset to BTR. She offers professional, detailed insight into our processes across all functions ensuring we remain compliant while offering outstanding service to every client. This helps us to provide a consistently excellent client experience.’