Sales & Surveyor

Job objective

To leverage expertise in converting leads, while also utilising surveying skills to provide comprehensive relocation solutions tailored to meet the needs of clients, ensuring seamless transitions and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Key responsibilities

Strategic (Direct ownership)

  • Identify and maximise revenue enhancement opportunities on aspects of the move process
  • Undertake proactive measures to convert potential enquiry into business

Financial (Direct ownership)

  • Prepare quotations, negotiate and close deals to achieve the desired revenue targets
  • Accurately forecast and analyse revenue, profitability, margins, ensure timely and accurate invoicing, and monitor collections
  • Keep track of revenue from the private customers and ensure collections within TAT

Operational (Direct ownership)

  • Conduct timely and accurate surveys.
  • Gather all information from the customer as required by the agent/shipper 
  • Build business relations, negotiate and close deals with prospective and existing clients
  • Liaise with rates team & prepare accurate estimate of the volume of goods for the proposed move
  • Prepare accurate and detailed survey reports with recommendations for customers 
  • Provide customers with a detail breakdown of costs and estimated time for their relocation
  • Initiate the move management process for the converted lead/shipper.
  • Present value-added services to clients and up-sell wherever possible
  • Manage existing customer accounts efficiently 
  • Escalate and/or address any issues as required both internal as well as external
  • Present relevant information and documents/packs to shipper at time of survey

Customer (Direct ownership)

  • Build, sustain and leverage long term relationships with key clients to ensure increase in market share
  • Provide timely response to customer queries regarding survey reports
  • Liaise directly with clients to ensure progress update of their proposed move and respond to questions/ clarifications
  • Ensure high levels of CSAT scores by delivering high quality, timely services and ensuring customer delight across all interactions



  • Potential & existing customers
  • Partners & Agents


  • Pricing team

Knowledge and experience


  • Graduate


  • 4-6  years of relevant experience from relocation industry