The collective solution: Working together to provide an end-to-end experience

Why co-sourcing is the cost-effective and flexible answer to short-term resource issues for global mobility teams

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Let’s start with the good news. Talent mobility is rising globally, driving greater business efficiency, organisational agility, and competitive advantage. However, the bad news is that many businesses were forced to reduce their global mobility teams due to the pandemic. 

The result? Mobility teams are struggling to cope with the increase in demand and cannot dedicate time to their core and strategic tasks. Given recent changes in various legislations, there are also concerns over governance and compliance.

The solution? Working with a relocation company on a co-sourcing basis. This allows businesses to receive dedicated, expert, and cost-effective support for short-term resource requirements tailored to them in a flexible way, whether on-site, offsite, or hybrid. 

Let’s take a look at how co-sourcing could work for you. 

Co-sourcing: Why it could work for you

When businesses struggle with workloads due to an increase in relocations, support can be crucial to meeting objectives and making sure the people moving countries do so happily and comfortably. But it has to be the right support. At BTR we place collaboration at the heart of everything we do to give customers peace of mind about international relocations. 

We understand that successful collaboration comes with key requirements:

  • Quickly understanding a customer’s business and culture
  • Seamlessly integrating with vendors and third parties
  • Knowledge and experience in managing assignment programmes
  • Flexibility with budgets and timeframes 
  • Minimal training and/or support to get up to speed
  • Delivering customer-first solutions that anticipate the unique needs of every business 
  • Building rapport to enable stress-free experiences for businesses and their people

Keeping relocations cost-effective is critical, so co-sourcing solutions must offer value for money and be tailored to the customer’s requirements. This means working with a relocation management company that is flexible about co-sourced duties, timelines, and, as a result, costs. 

At BTR, our co-sourcing fee structure is tailored to our client which would take into account: 

  • The skill set required by the business
  • The working model (onsite, off-site or hybrid) 
  • The requirements for each working day

This model negates the risk to our customers of any additional out-of-scope fees, and keeps the process simple and agile at every step of the project. 

BTR: Co-sourcing benefits

One single team

Our co-source seamlessly integrates into a customer’s team, but without the time-consuming need to be line-managed. Instead, our co-sourced team will be briefed on tasks and projects and go ahead and action them.

Not only that, but our co-source team will be industry experts who will bring unrivalled experience built up by BTR’s 40 years of overseeing end-to-end relocations across the globe. This will include sharing industry knowledge, best practices, and benchmarking, and opening up a network of experienced third parties and additional resources. This experience allows us to be agile to changing programme needs and means time won’t be wasted getting up to speed with processes and policies. 

Additionally, we know it can be frustrating to work with third parties who aren’t fully committed to your needs. So, our co-source team will be dedicated entirely to your business and will not be working on other projects at the same time. 

Understanding our customers

We know that businesses want to provide their people with a great experience. We also know that relocating can be stressful. And we all get that a lack of resource can create time pressures that make it hard for a business to deliver the kind of world-class experience it wants for its people.

So, our co-source’s key objective is to relieve our customers’ global mobility teams of the administrative burden of delivering their assignment programme. This allows the team to return to their core tasks of adding value to the business and their employees, and makes sure that everyone being relocated – including their families – enjoys the journey. 

Cost savings

The current economic climate is tough for many. Even large global businesses can feel the pressure, so it’s important to work with a relocation management company that understands that talent sourcing can be a long process. 

Our solution is to provide the right resource, at the right time, in the right place at a cost that delivers unrivalled value. We negate the additional costs associated with employing an FTE, with no need to be tied to a full salary, plus associated employment costs and benefits of a full-time employee. Instead, customers only pay for what is required. 

This flexible solution considers location, time, and scope and extends to catering to current and future workloads. This helps de-risk costs and allows businesses to accommodate every eventuality, giving them peace of mind. 

Final thoughts: Supporting relocations worldwide

Relocation projects can be daunting work, particularly when operating without the required resource. By co-sourcing, our aim is to support businesses in achieving their ultimate goal of delivering a great employee and customer experience at a cost that represents a good return on their investment while adding value to the business.

Our end-to-end, flexible, and personalised offering ensures that 16,000 families enjoy their relocation journeys every year. We do this through committed, responsible, and collaborative customer-first solutions, and our co-source model offers expertise to global mobility teams that need flexible, short-term support during challenging times.  

Our fast-responding team of experts is on hand to answer any questions you might have about BTR’s complete, start-to-finish, customisable range of relocation services.