At BTR we strive to be forward-thinking and provide innovative processes that offer you the best possible experience as well as securing operational efficiencies.

By utilising technology, BTR offers fully connected international relocations and move management with:

  • Exceptional employee experience in managing all aspects of their move.
  • Time-saving automation of processes and workflows, plus access to a single source of data.
  • Data insights to support compliance and financial impact including the ROI of your mobility programme.

Mobility Software

We enable your mobility managers to reach out to their international assignees and offer them the best experience possible with BTR International’s online portal ReloSmart.

ReloSmart is an end-to-end mobility management solution with logic around Moving and Destination Services. Specifically, ReloSmart is the software that manages the entire move management process end to end from the first contact to move performance feedback. ReloSmart is a public cloud hosted, GDPR compliant structure that provides web-based access on the client side (transferee, mobility/human resources) as well as on BTR side (user, manager, administrator) with pre-defined rights.

In-House Technology

This software has been developed in-house based on 20 years of domain experience and is managed (updates, upgrades, change requests) by over 50+ in house IT professionals.

ReloSmart software is a complete suite for the Relocation Industry that combines transferee, client human resources, client functions and supplier into one seamless experience for your company. We’ve incorporated flexibility into the system. The result is that it recognises and follows your company rules for relocation. You get to configure the system as per your rules and policies which assists with reducing administrative tasks and reporting.

The platform deftly handles the complete lifecycle of your employee moves. This helps to get a fully hosted, secure relocation platform, which complies with your company policies, country laws, audit reports, and more.

Features of our technology platform include...

  • Integrated workflow based end-to-end business process automation suite
  • Complete Move Management ERP software with modular architecture from Enquiry to Billing
  • Robust reporting platform, secured and controlled privilege management
  • Business Intelligence Tool to monitor business KPI’s in real-time
  • Potential Integration into Client Enterprise Systems
  • Mobility solutions (Survey and Ops module on the handheld)
  • BSI certified IT Security Systems
  • Value calculators to showcase projected and actual cost savings

GDPR Software

With the rise in incidents of frauds, corruption, legal compliance violations resulting in increased liabilities and penalties for organizations combined with recent political developments and a fast-changing / evolving Regulatory landscape; an effective Enterprise-wide Compliance Program is not just an option, but a must-have.

Today, businesses need to have a strong Regulatory understanding to operate or expand globally; this needs an investment of 1,000s of man-hours to research, collate, track global Regulatory knowledge & Changes; else increase the risks of non-compliance.

With our vast coverage, we decided to implement the Regulatory Compliance Management Solution offered by Lawrbit Global Compliance Network ( The implementation started with a detailed understanding of our business, cutting across service lines, functions and locations; followed by a compilation of all applicable laws and compliance, defining ownership matrix and training users on expectations and system usage.

The Compliance team now receives notifications on upcoming compliance and updates on every Regulatory change on a Real-time basis; thus reducing risks of compliance misses.

Our RegTech Partner - Lawrbit Global Compliance Network

Lawrbit offers SaaS-based Risk-based Global Compliance Management Solutions ("GCMS") to help the Board of Directors, Risk Officers effectively implement and monitor the Corporate Governance framework.

GCMS integrates internal workflows with Regulatory Intelligence for 70+ countries covering 1000+ regulatory bodies and 5000+ laws globally, across Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific & Oceania. The Regulatory Intelligence is created, managed, and updated by 100+ Law firm partners globally supported by Lawrbit's internal team of Lawyers and CPAs.

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