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Workforce Mobility

From the initial planning through to settling in, we’re here for you every step of the way. We tailor our international relocation services to meet the needs of your organisation and assignees. By outsourcing your workforce mobility programme, you will save time and reduce costs. As an award-winning global mobility company, BTR thrives on ensuring that your global mobility programme is a success.

Outsourced Workforce Mobility

Benefits of Workforce Mobility Solutions

  1. Save Time – our expertise and connections mean that we can progress your international relocations quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time for other key aspects of your business.

  2. Cost Savings – outsourcing avoids the ongoing costs of internal resources dedicated to your global relocation programme.

  3. Flexibility – resources are fully scalable to meet demand with costs only incurred when needed, offering optimum flexibility in overhead and resource management.

  4. Productivity – utilising an expert global mobility company’s knowledge and connections enables the best productivity for each international relocation assignment before, during and after the relocation.

  5. Competitiveness – efficient cost management and workforce mobility offers increased competitiveness via cost savings and employee recruitment and retention. 

Global Mobility Services

1. Initial Consultation

  • Determine current and future global mobility needs.
  • Identify existing strengths and challenges, opportunities and threats.

2. Evaluation & Planning

  • Conduct pre-assignment assessment.
  • Prepare assignment letters and budgets.
  • Assess existing policy and processes.
  • Identify support and capacity requirements.

3. Implementation & Support

  • Planning of support provision.
  • Pre-Departure service: Assignment cost projections, compensation planning, visa/immigration coordination, language & cultural services.
  • Move management: Removals & household goods management, storage services, international freight forwarding.
  • Destination services: Home search, property management, settling-in services.
  • Expense management.

4. Reporting & Analytics

  • Cost projection & modelling – providing best value global mobility.
  • Financial control – including arrival tax reporting, relocation costs and ongoing international payroll.
  • Annual budget preparation.                                                          
  • Benchmarking (including price comparisons) ensuring outstanding service.

5. Ongoing Communication & Review

  • Supporting documentation such as templates and reports.
  • Liaison with key internal stakeholders.

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