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We understand the importance of monitoring and managing the activities and costs involved with global assignment and relocation programmes. Our reporting services provide you with instant information about your global assignees and their mobility-related costs. Clients value the reassurance, immediate knowledge and control involved with this vital aspect of global talent mobility. As an experienced relocation management company, BTR ensures that your global assignment and relocation activities are managed effectively.


Bespoke Assignment Reporting

BTR’s bespoke reporting service ensures that you have the information you need in the format required. Our team will send reports to internal stakeholders and colleagues as required. Plus, upon your written approval, external partners can also receive information as required. This can save you valuable time as the information you need is easily to hand without further processing, helping year-end tax reporting, for example. 

Cost Management & Financial Year End Tax

All costs associated with international assignments are captured and reported. This gives a comprehensive understanding of the total expense of your global mobility programme. In administering your cost management process, BTR captures all expenses associated with your global mobility programme. This informs accurate financial year-end tax reporting and enables more precise budget and assignment cost estimates.

Exception to Policy Tracking

The specialist BTR team tracks and reports all exceptions to your global mobility policy, with your authorisation sought prior to payment. These instances are noted to allow for monitoring, policy amendment, trend analysis and impact on costs. By monitoring policy exceptions, these costs can be analysed and inform potential policy updates. 

Quarterly & Year End Client Reviews

The BTR team provides you with both quarterly (and annual) reports. The review documents capture:

  • Relocation programme costs
  • Policy exceptions
  • Breakdown of expenditure by service and policy type
  • Customer service scores
  • Bespoke reporting requests

Ideally, we would meet with you in person to review these reports with an aim to develop and strengthen the mobility programme and your working relationship.

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