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Expense Management

It’s important that international relocations and global assignment services are carried out as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. An important part of this process is timely and efficient expense management. BTR ensures that employee assignment costs are managed and reported with transparency and according to your company’s assignment policy requirements. 


Expense Audit & Disbursement

To ensure you have complete reassurance that all corporate assignment expenses are as expected and under control, an audit and disbursement service is available. The BTR team will ensure that employees are reimbursed as agreed and on time. Specialist tax advice is also available upon request.

Direct Payment of Expenses

Some employee relocation expenses will be incurred by assignees during relocations. These may include the costs of flights, hotel stays, temporary accommodation and security deposits, for example. BTR can ensure that employees receive such relocation costs or we can transfer funds to reimburse assignees. This service is especially helpful when assignees are recently recruited and not yet on the organisation’s payroll system.

Detailed Reconciliation & Reporting

It is crucial that all financial transactions managed by BTR on your behalf have complete transparency with a clear audit trail. We provide a full expense approval, tracking, reconciliation and reporting process. Should assignees be unable to produce a receipt, our Missing Receipt system is used to ensure your authorisation prior to settlement.

Global Mobility Policy Compliance

BTR ensures that expense management conducted on your behalf is fully compliant with your Global Mobility policy. This is adhered to during the careful review and reimbursement of expenses. For example, the type of airline bookings will meet any policy requirement for flight classes to reflect the flight duration involved.

Exception to Policy Cost Reporting

Any expense authorised in advance which contradicts your Global Mobility policy requirements is identified and reported for further discussion. BTR identifies and report any reoccurrence of policy exceptions.

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