How BTR built a business partnership with Qiagen

Qiagen is a leading global provider of sample to insight solutions that enable customers to gain molecular insights and provide molecular diagnostics around the world. Qiagen have over 6000 employees and 35 locations worldwide.

A closer look

Qiagen frequently relocates teams and individuals across the globe. From South Africa to South Korea and China to Brazil no two relocations are the same and each relocation presents unique priorities.

To ensure seamless relocations, BTR focuses on:

  • Measurable and accurate timelines
  • Accurate cost estimations up front
  • Dedicated single point of contact for each relocation.

BTR started working with Qiagen about 3 years ago and the partnership has grown from strength to strength.

Exploring the key challenges

Like any business in today’s climate, the team at Qiagen want to maximise their productivity and manage vital knowledge transfer gained from assignments around the world. Due to the scale of relocations, they face three key challenges.

Different service solution every time

No two relocations are the same. Whether it’s senior leadership or account managers, each assignment demands customised solutions based on unique priorities, requirements, and budgets.

Time sensitivity

Many projects operate under tight schedules. Efficient service provision and navigation around immigration are essential to avoid delays and unexpected costs, ensuring timely completion and successful project outcomes.


Timelines and budgets require up-front approval. Precision and reliability are non-negotiable.

BTR’s solution for partnership success

Our successful collaboration relies on a tailored and adaptable approach. With numerous interconnected components, all built on key processes established from the outset of the project.

Detailed operational planning:

We start each assignment with a comprehensive understanding of service requirements, budgets, and timelines. Clear objectives guide our solutions. Presenting adaptable services within the project budget without compromising quality.

Single point of contact

Recognising Qiagen’s priority, we assign a dedicated liaison. With strong global connections, Qiagen interacts with one person throughout the relocation process.

Cost analysis

BTR provides detailed cost analyses, covering services like home search, temporary accommodation, household goods, tax briefings, settling-in assistance, and visa support. Transparency ensures alignment from day one.

Proactive problem-solving

Qiagen relies on BTR’s foresight. As each assignment varies, our proactive advice keeps us one step ahead.

Measuring success

Positive feedback from assignees validates our approach. In the dynamic world of global relocations, BTR and Qiagen continue to build a resilient partnership. Our journey, fuelled by adaptability, accuracy, and a shared commitment to excellence, empowers teams and ensures successful global relocations.

“Working with BTR has been a game-changer for me. From the start, their team demonstrated professionalism, and a genuine commitment to our success. It’s more than just relocations; it’s about trust, adaptability, and going that extra mile.

Their diligence—whether it’s accurate timelines or transparent cost estimates—has made our global assignments smoother. But what truly sets BTR apart is their people. Having a dedicated single point of contact who understands our unique needs has been invaluable.” – Paul Patrascu from Qiagen