5 Fine Art Packing Tips

If youre relocating to a new home and also own fine art, youll be keen to know that your pieces will be packed, moved and stored extremely carefully.


At BTR International, we take great pride in looking after our clients’ possessions during relocations and removals. Fine art pieces are always treated with the utmost care and precision when it comes to relocating them to your new home. Our specialist team offers a professional fine art shipping service, giving you peace of mind that your valued possessions are in safe hands.

5 Fine Art Packing Tips

1. Let Your Fine Art Breathe

It’s vital that during removals, fine art canvasses are allowed to ‘breathe’. This means using specialist packing. This is especially important during the shipping of fine art as journeys are longer, so using the wrong packing material can cause disastrous damage to your collection.

2. Careful Handling

Our fine art removals team is highly experienced and treats each individual piece with the care and attention required. You will receive our reassurance that your fine art moving and storage will be expertly managed by our company. When needed, we use our climate-controlled and air-suspension vehicles.

3. Bespoke Art Packing

Your fine art is precious. Each piece is truly individual. Our dedicated fine art removals service includes a tailored survey giving you reassurance that we understand the specific requirements involved with packing and removing your personal collection. For removals, fine art should be packed in plastic cases or wooden crates.

4. Optimum Protection

Your fine art will be expertly wrapped, packed, stored and moved safely and securely. Tailored art packing keeps your fine art separate to your other household possessions, ensuring that they stay in top condition.

5. Clear Guidelines

Communication is key! One of our biggest fine art packing tips is… include clear labelling and guidelines. The is a key part of our fine art shipping service and is essential to the success of fine art removals. Our company has moved and stored fine art for many years. In our experience, careful and meticulous unpacking is almost as important as bespoke art packing.

“We treat all household possessions are care and attention, “explains Louise Chilcott, Global Move Specialist with BTR International. “Fine art removals need that extra dedication. Our specialist team has developed lots of fine art packing tips over the years, enabling our fine art shipping services to excel. As a company, we’re extremely proud of how we look after clients’ fine art.”

Are you looking for a fine art moving and storage company? Talk to the friendly experts at BTR International. Based in the UK and operating globally, contact us for a no-obligation chat. Email Derek at derek@btrinternational.com or call +44 (0)1582 495495.

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