Diversity statement

BTR is focussed on transparency with an inclusive culture where all perspectives, opinions and recommendations are welcomed, discussed, respected and valued. Our CEO, Lee Brewin, leads by example and is key in ensuring our diversity commitments are met and focussed on at all times. 

Our team is composed of multiple nationalities and given our core service is delivery of global relocation services for corporate clients we believe this to be of critical importance to ensure cultural diversity is adhered to. We have service delivery partners across the world, reinforcing our  pledge to meet and exceed our diversity commitments.  It is BTR’s mission to capture the energy, innovation and creativity that our workplace diversity brings to our working environment. This benefits not only ourselves but also our global clients and partners.

It has been BTR’s commitment to our internal colleagues and external clients to implement a diversity statement and as such we strive at all times to:

  • Support women in leadership and encourage equal profferssional growth at every level. BTR’s senior leadership is 75% female
  • Support our clients and partners globally
  • Have a global workforce that is 60% BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic)
  • Commit to open intercultural dialogue and cross cultural training
  • Recognise and celebrate difference
  • Listen and learn from our colleauges, clients and partners

Lee Brewin, CEO of BTR International, says “Open communication is key to maintaining strong diversity. BTR is committed to listening, learning and implementing change for the benfit of all those we work with across the globe.”