Employee Relocations During Office Moves

24 May 2023 | Dawn, Marketing


If you’re moving your office internationally, there are many issues to consider.

From communications to computers, facilities to furniture ... it’s easy to get involved with the detail of ‘things’. Within all the planning and logistics, it’s vital to remember the most important resource involved with any relocation …  people.

Relocating employees to their new destination is our strength; our professional focus. At BTR International, we leave the removal of office furniture and IT systems to the experts. Our specialism is ensuring our clients and their employees are aware of the issues involved and supported throughout the relocation process.

Working globally via a network of trusted partners, we help your people settle in their new locations as smoothly as possible. Every move is seamless and stress free, ensuring employees are productive in their new office locations quickly.

Employee Support For International Office Relocations

No two employees or relocations are the same. International relocation support should always be bespoke – for the organisation and each individual assignee.

When moving your office to a new country, there are important preparatory services to consider for your team, including:

  • Visa and immigration support (such as explaining requirements and managing applications)
  • Temporary and permanent home search
  • Cultural and language training
  • Financial preparation (such as cost of living planning and tax information)
  • Move management of household goods

Services are tailored to reflect the destination(s) and people involved. You and your employees are assured of current knowledge and expert support.

Arriving in Office Relocation Destinations

Moving to a new country for work is exciting and worrying too. When your office moves to a new country, it’s important to offer employees support so they settle into their new location as quickly as possible. The range of destination services must allow for bespoke assistance. For some employees, pet relocation is needed. For others, school search is a priority. Areas of support include:

  • Local cultural support (such as area tours and opening a bank account)
  • Tenancy management
  • Area orientation (including sourcing social activities and area tours)
  • Spousal support regarding work options and volunteering/studying options according to vis requirements.
  • Pet relocation (view the key issues here)

Destination support for employees is available worldwide.

Company Considerations

For your organisation, it’s important to know the cost projections and reporting elements of relocations. Expense management offers valuable information and monitoring to the internal management team. 

A Common Requirement

The key to the success of any employee relocation is communication. We take the time to understand the requirements of the organisation as well as the assignees involved. Addressing concerns and answering questions ahead of international relocations helps minimise uncertainty and tailor relocation support.

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